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Irrigation Update 8/21/17- Daryl Musser


The Irrigation Committee has periodic discussions about isolation valve installation and the best locations for them.  The history of the discussions goes back to 2011 /2012 when the BEMA project, added to the HOA dues, provided the possibility of funds to do additional work to the Irrigation System. There was a discussion and agreement  at the annual meeting to keep the funds that would be coming in for Irrigation, designated for the improvement projects. The 5 word attachments are copies of Irrigation Updates that have highlighted the goal of adding additional isolation valves. 


Whether we could proceed with installation was dependent on the accumulation of Irrigation funds to do the work.  The first additional valve was installed the end of 2011 or beginning of 2012 in the Northwest corner of RG to aid the pump section and to let our neighbors to the north run off from the gravity side.  No isolation valves have been added since, due to other higher priority repairs/projects.  (2013 flood etc.)   It is my understanding that funds have been borrowed from Irrigation for other needs.  I have no problem with that but do believe that those funds should be paid back to Irrigation so that we can continue to make improvements.  The Irrigation System is a very valuable asset to the HOA and property values.


We would like to proceed with additional valves.  The highest priority valves at this time would help those at the top of the system get their ordered water more reliably (Stone, Riley, Canby, Godfrey, Klug, and Sheard).  We estimate around 6K, depending on the size of valve needed and whether we could do more than one at a time.  An additional project would be to add some restrictions to the outlet pipes at the irrigation box.  If we could restrict some of the water flow to the east out of the box it would also help the flow going out to the north of the box.  We estimate these two to be in the $500 range each.


2018 Budget:  We will continue to have our normal expenses, 3-4 new meters, the above suggested improvements if funds are available, and no major repairs known at this time.


Irrigation expense:  

Reimbursement request for Irrigation Pump oil purchased, see attachment.


Available water: 

The direct run water that lasted later into the beginning of the season was a great help.  The August rain falls were a significant benefit.  To date we have used 38% of the HOA water.  We have 6 weekends remaining to the Sept. 30 end of the season.  I do not believe we will use up our water so will suggest at the sign up location that HOA members in good standing can go over their allotments.  I will continue to track where the usage goes so if we do run low those that have not used up their allotment will be given priority.




Daryl Musser

Irrigation Committee Member

Posted by dddv on 10/07/2017
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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