River Glen

Irrigation update April 2017

HOA Members,


The Irrigation Season will begin soon.  Please make sure your meters are ready with batteries, the Paddle wheel assembly cleaned, and your valves closed.


Replace the batteries that you took out last fall with new ones in the back of the flow meter.  Leaving them in over the winter or when not being used for prolonged periods

will cause corrosion in the mounting panel and my prevent the electrical current from connecting as needed for the meter to read the GPM flow when in use.


Pull the paddle wheel assembly out of the pipe where it is mounted.  Clean it off using small brush, like an old toothbrush, and soapy water. 

Test by spinning the paddle wheel to make sure it turns freely and registers on the meter display.  You can spray it with a silicone spray before remounting it in the pipe.


Make sure your valve is closed so that water will not leak out  when we fill the pipe system.

If you need any assistance contact the Irrigation Committee Member assigned to the lots in your area.  See attachment.


We will be filling the pipe system on Thursday, May 25, 2017.  Ken Huson will be coordinating that day along with other Irrigation Committee Members and anyone else that would like to help. 

Let Ken know if you are interested in helping.


We have been given an allotment of 40”/share again this year.  At this time it does not appear that there will be any Direct Run River water available to fill the pipped system or for use once the system is filled.


At the annual Ish Shareholders meeting March 11, 2017 requests of the shareholders were made in order to have smoother operations of the ditch from Ish Reservoir.

The changes that affect River Glen HOA’s Irrigation Operation in order to comply with the requests are:

·         Water orders should be made in 25” increments.  (We will now have a 50” minimum and we will need to run 50, 75, or 100”.  And we still need to run the same amount for consecutive days).

·         The Maximum water order for a single day of run is 100”. (At the end of the Season when most of the farmers are done or out of water we may be able to take more.)   

·         During the 2016 Irrigation Season, ditch capacity was an issue on several weekends.  For those members of HOA’s, please try to schedule your watering during the work week whenever possible.


We have already restricted ourselves on the water signup sheets to running water on Fridays, Saturdays, Sundays, and Mondays in order to comply with the same amount and consecutive days. 

For those that are able please signup for weekdays and communicate with others in order to meet the minimums.


If other weekdays than the ones on the signup sheets are good let me know and we can schedule a run for you.


Daryl Musser

For Irrigation Committee.


Posted by dddv on 05/23/2017
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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