River Glen

5/1/17 BOD meeting minutes

                                                           RGHOA BOD meeting minutes 5/1/17
                                                                                        Berthoud Senior Center
Meeting open at 6:50pm
Members present: Jack Shaw, Julie Rogers, Denise Vigil, Scott Canby @7:05pm
Members absent:  Phillip Blankenship (out of town) Dave Steffen (work related)
Homeowners present: Paul Simpson @ 7:05 pm, Ken Huson @7:35 pm
Old business:
1. Discussion of pipeline repair, costs involved: Julie explained the work has been completed at a cost of $8799. which was $700 greater than predicted. There will be a $2700 payback to irrigation reserves. We are waiting for the asphalt application next week.
2. Discussion to have president proceed with county filing of amendments two and three upon signature requirement completion: It was agreed that Jack will complete the process when 66% signatures acquired for Marijuana amendment are obtained. 
3. Storage unit and new laptop for secretary not necessary at this time (previously approved at 1/4/17 meeting): It was approved that the funds budgeted for these two items be used for the updates to Quick Books needed for Julie.
4. Sign grass mowing operations agreement for Carson Dzuik: Jack signed the agreement and Denise will supply copy to Marty Dzuik. It was approved that any board member could approve the mowing operations at the needed time.
5. Ed Hart sewer manhole situation: A brief discussion regarding the covered manhole took place. It was decided that Jack will communicate with all parties involved in the history of this situation. It was determined that the HOA lawyers may need to be involved in determining responsible parties for financial obligation in the correction process needed before last phase of pipeline repair.
New business:
1.  Address suggestion from Gary Klug re: new covenant amendment for metal construction materials:  The board agreed to proceed with an information meeting for the general HOA prior to 2018 annual meeting. Details to follow.
2. Address Gary Klug's concerns re: irrigation funds and sewer repair funds: A lengthy discussion took place between the BOD, Paul Simpson and Ken Huson. Julie discussed the budget activity. There were definitions explained of contingency funds, time frames, separation of funds, history, co-mingling, and possible plans to replace funds to appropriate origins. Jack will look into the past two years activity and who may have authorized any changes to funds usage and location. It was confirmed by all that the committees and the board need to improve communication.  During this topic, there was a discussion of using concrete vs asphalt to cover pipe repair for protection from weight of traffic. Ken Huson also gave a short explanation of irrigation usage and history. It was suggested the Board include irrigation procedure instructions in future homeowners welcoming by either email or mailing. The irrigation pipe will be filled on Thursday, May 25th for the 2017 season. Daryl Musser will prepare an information email to follow.
3.  Acknowledge ARC approval of "accent" feature at 1716 Riverview Drive: The ARC, Tye Riley sent out approval email on 5/1/17.
4.  Discussion of marijuana amendment signature meeting: The signature process took place while the board meeting was still in progress. There were no issues. It was determined that the board members should share responsibility in obtaining the remaining signatures needed for petition requirement.
Treasury report: Julie supplied print-out for review
ARC report/update: none
Irrigation report/update: Julie attended the meeting 4/27/17 at Daryl Musser's, and took notes. After approval the notes will be posted on the HOA webpage.
Meeting adjourned at 8:30 pm.
Submitted by,
Denise Vigil
RGHOA Secretary
Posted by dddv on 05/19/2017
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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