River Glen

Meeting minutes 2/13/17 Marijuana Amendment Draft

                                                           River Glen Homeowners Association

                                                  Special meeting 2/13/17 Marijuana Amendment

                                                          Berthoud Community Center 7p.m.
Homeowners in attendance:  Tye Riley, Helen Stone, Bob and Sandra Towry, Diane Broestl, Julie and Frank Rogers, Ed Hart, Jack Shaw, Scott Canby, Doug Petersen, Larry and Donna Hughes, Craig and Jana Godfrey, Bill Vaughan, and Denise Vigil, representing 20 % of River Glen subdivision
Meeting opened at 7:00 p.m. by Jack Shaw
    1.  Purpose of meeting stated- to discuss the proposed marijuana amendment as worded, and approve or disapprove with alternate wording suggestions.
    2. Brief discussion of how amendment came to be by Julie Rogers and interaction with concerned homeowners in 2016.   
Open floor discussions:
    1. Colorado Amendment 64 discussed with definitions of the number of plants allowed for personal and medical           purposes
    2. The vote to proceed at the annual meeting with HindmanSanchez attorney present    
    3. The board's willingness to enforce marijuana restrictions
    4. Basis for guidelines to enforce- fines, law enforcement
    5. Cons of growing operations on house structures, water pollution, nuisance, and security issues
    6. Violation of personal right to use marijuana in case of unforeseen health issues
    7. loopholes in the medical plant permits
    8. Hygiene neighborhood incident
    9. Wording change for marijuana amendment to reflect the agreement of members in attendance
    10.Continue with an HOA enforcement policy, working with our attorney.
    11. The need for this marijuana amendment  to River Glen Homeowners Association covenants.
    It was a unanimous vote to reject the proposed marijuana amendment, and change the wording to include: 
   1. We will permit a max of 6 plants per lot/household for personal/ Medical use.per Amendment 64 regulations.
   2. Plants grown for this use must have restricted access.
   3. Marijuana grown within the HOA can not be used for distribution.
   4. No commercial grown operations permitted.

Next step:
    Julie Rogers to finalize amendment draft with HindmanSanchex firm.
    Our goal is to have the new marijuana amendment ready for HOA approval in approximately  one month.
    After HindmanSanchez drafts, we will schedule a meeting for petition signing.

Meeting adjourned at 7:40 p.m.

Respectfully submitted,

Denise Vigil
RGHOA Secretary
Posted by dddv on 02/16/2017
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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