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Special HOA board and irrigation committee meeting agenda 8/3/16

Greetings:  Letter From Your HOA President:


I have been tasked by the River Glen HOA Board to call a special RGHOA Board/Irrigation Committee Meeting to discuss a number of water related issues.  This meeting has been expanded to include members such as the Vigil’s, Tom Smith, and the Linssens because of the intrusion of water into basements, especially during irrigation periods.  This meeting will be held at the Guaranty Bank in Berthoud at 7:00 pm on Wednesday, August 3. 


-          Some of the Board members have voiced a need to improve communication between the Irrigation Committee and the RGHOA Board.

-          With the assistance of the Irrigation Committee Chair and a number of his committee members, a short discussion would assist the new RG Board members understand the workings of the irrigation system, how the Irrigation Committee contacts the ditch rider to order water and how water is delivered to the River Glen System.  How the system is drained in the winter and so on.

-          Some of the Irrigation Committee members have attended ISH Board meetings and can relate how the ISH Board was approached by home owners to the east of River Glen on the issue of water in basements and issues with drain tiles that exist in this area and the recommendation by the ISH Board to those home owners.

-          A short discussion on how River Glen interfaces with Mr. Emmons and how he accesses his water through the RG system.

-          A short discussion on the River Glen relationship with the ISH Board and Mr. Buhler (President of the ISH Board and owner of the farm to the south of River Glen).

-          Discussion on possible solutions to mitigate irrigation water intrusions into basements and what some members have discovered about placement of “drain tiles” throughout this subdivision.


Many of the Irrigation Committee members have an extensive understanding of our system, its design and operation and some of the issues of underground waters in this area. 


Thanks in advance for your attendance at this meeting.



Gary A. Klug, President – River Glen Homeowners Association

Posted by dddv on 02/06/2017
Berthoud, Colorado 80513

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